Is there a bug in filter function of 'Get Outlook Mail Message' Activity

Hi Team,

When I’m trying to filter emails with sender email address,
“[senderemailaddress]=xxxxx” seems to be working if in sender email address’s username doesn’t contain DOT(.)[for ex: it’s working for But not working for].

This is the error screenshot:

Also tried filtering with this, but no luck:

Can someone please check if it is a bug or something in the Mail activities package.

I am using below versions:
Studio Verion:
UiPath Studio Version: 2022.10.3
1.18.2 for UiPath.Mail.[Activities](Activities).

Raised a query in forum as well:

If someone can please look into this?



How about using backslash as the following? In my environment, it doesn’t throw exception. (it fails if backslash doesn’t exist.)


If your input is dynamic, String.Replace method (or Regex.Replace) might help you. address.Replace(".","\.")



The second urn filter you gave is missing double quotes around the urn part…please use it like this and check

"@SQL=""urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail"" like '%abc%'"

Even for sender email …email should be enclosed in single quotes like below

"[SenderEmailAddress] = ’‘"


Hi @Yoichi,

Thanks for the reply!!
Apologies for the late response
It’s not throwing any exception. But it’s not fetching the email either with backslash.

I tried but not able to get the emails.

Tried with\without Backslah:


Hey Depika,

I will raise an improvement to my colleagues to see how we can escape dot(.) and if there are other scenarios we should take into consideration and we will come back to you.

Thank you for raising this issue.

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Thanks @AlexCrijman !! Look forward to solution!!

Hi @AlexCrijman

Dose [SenderEmailAddress] only filter mails that have different domain with receviers?


Hey everybody,

We’ve checked on our side and if you filter using the bellow syntax it should work.

“[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’”