Mails not filtered based on from address

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I’m trying to print mail subject of top 5 emails from a specific sender. But the process executes and closes without printing any results. please help.

I have added filter option as “[SenderEmailAddress]=‘emailid’”

Hi @GaneshPalaniappan,

I guess that you checked it, but as a small reminder, if your get mail activity is read only unread message and the mails in your folder have been read, you can check it. I think you can first check the status of the mails in your inbox with the activity properties.

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Hi @GaneshPalaniappan

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Can you share the Properties panel in the activity @GaneshPalaniappan

If the problem continues, change your filter part with this.

“@SQL=”“”" like ‘%YOUR WILDCARD HERE%’"

@omer.ozturk @Gokul001

Options seems OK.

Please change your filter part with this → “@SQL=”“”" like ‘%YOUR WILDCARD HERE%’"

Can you confirm? Do you have any mail inside the outlook? @GaneshPalaniappan

If you still have the same problem, create an outlook rule and transfer the mails from the sender from Inbox to another folder. Instead of reading the Inbox, you can read the specific folder you just created. In this way, you can use it by deleting the filter part. @GaneshPalaniappan

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Are you asking me like did i receive from that sender?

Do you have mail in your inbox ?

Yes. I have

I have tried alternate option as @omer.ozturk said,
Created a subfolder and moved all the emails to it.
Mail folder name: “Inbox\Subfoldername”

But still no output

Got it…if i use message box activity, its showing .
But not in write line activity

So the problem solved, have a nice day.

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