Filter Get Outlook Mail Message

Hi team,

I am trying to filter email by using Get Outlook Mail Message, but, it didn’t work

Please suggest, thank you!


You have to surround your mail id with singlequote as below


Hope this may help you


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Need to filter emails by sender in get outlook activity?

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Hi @all,
So I did try, program just starts and end, w/o any output.
So is this normal behavior, may I ask?

Hi @Matthew2

Please try the method below.


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Thank you
But, i didn’t see the output, its just started and ended. Is it normal behavior?

hi @Matthew2

If possible can you share your xaml or screenshot of your xaml?


Here’s my file, please have a look
outlook_filter.xaml (6.3 KB)

Many thanks

Hi @Matthew2

Do you need to download any attachments from the filtered condition?


HI @Matthew2 .

Try this.

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No, I just try to see how this thing work

program just starts and end, w/o any output :frowning:

You can check output in count if count is coming then the filter is working.
Moreover you can also check each mail in foreach loop.


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I followed what you suggested, i got “0” in message box
is it normal behavior? Would it possible if you could share a demo file?

Hope below video will help you.
Those were the same steps but still you watch it may be you get what you want.
And please make sure in property OnlyUnreadMessages should be uncheck if you don’t have unread mails.

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Are you on Office 365? Office 365 has their own activities.

I am using Office 2016 Plus