Filter Data scraping data and move filtered data to excel

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I am login to one specific application and i want to export data from an application which is in the form of table and i need to apply some filter where i want to ignore few records. and export data to excel.

i have used data scrapping method and exported all data in to excel but i before exporting the data to excel i want to filter few records (Example: i want to view only status=Failed records).

Can some one please let me know how i can do this.I have an idea of using datatables i.e. using filter data table activity but when i specify the column name by default the columns generated in Datascrap datatable is Column-1. But when i create a variable Column-1 system is not accepting (-) charactor.

Hy, @Ravi_Teja3,

did you typed “Column-1” as filter criteria? Dont forget the commas. It should work like this

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Thank you so much this is working fine…:slight_smile:
i have one more doubt . i have an datatable with few dates in a column. i want to filter data with today’s date that possible in filter data table activity?

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Hy @Ravi_Teja3,

So glad I could help

Yes you can do it!! Use“dd/MM/yyyy”) as filter parameter. Adjust depending on your date format.

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