Filter Date using filter data table

Hi All,
I am trying to filter records using Filter data table, the date are in a format (“dd/MM/yyyy”). To filter the records with current date i’m using a for loop to filter the dates in string format. Its working fine, however i was wondering to use a filter data table activity to filter the records based on the dateColumn. when i tried, I noticed the records filtered after the filter data table are blank, seems the filter data table only works with DateTime variable.

Now the problem of using the Date time variable for example:

filterDate = New DateTime(2019,11,18) is that the value in filterDate becomes: [11/18/2019 00:00:00].
although i can u a regex to trim it. i was hoping a better way to do it.

I don’t want the hh:mm:ss in the end. is there a better way to filter the records using a filter data table?


Check this out for Date format conversion…

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