Date Filter in Datatable

Hi Guys

I want to filter my data table on the basis of Date .
I scrapped datatable from web page which have, Name, Date, Detail columns.

I want data which was of either current date or later. But when I applied filter datatable it shows nothing but column name because it wasn’t able to identify date(which was taken as String).

Please help me to filter out date from datatable?

Thanks in Advance,
Amritansh Lal

@AMRITANShlal Can you send the Excel File?

It’s not an excel file. I scrapped data from web page into datatable
Go to this link you’ll get the idea


@AMRITANShlal Can you use Write range and save it in Excel and Send that Excel, Since you have already Extracted :sweat_smile:

That make sense, let me try it out.

Thanks Btw