File trigger for multiple locations

Hello, I have been thinking about developing an enterprise wide solution which can detect Payment Card Industry data in network shared drives. Now using file change trigger, I can detect as soon as someone places a file in a specified shared folder. I could use a vb script to identify any PCI data patterns. My question is for an enterprise wide solution, there could be more than one share drives. Is there a way I can monitor more than one shared folder/drive using UiPath and take an action if a file is created/modified?

Hi @midhunsug661 ,
You can create share folder and share role to edit for robot
You can check by time create and last time modify
But only one user can access file in time,

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did u check with integration services in UiPath

I have tried with automatic triggers for service now and jira
It’s really cool

Cheers @midhunsug661

Yes, one bot per file at a time is fine. But my query was, is it possible to use the file trigger activities on multiple folders at the same time. I tried with one folder and it works charm. But what if there are too many shares to monitor?

I’m not sure if integration service can be helpful here. These are shared folders, can we monitor shares using integration service?