Trigger process when file exist in folder


I want to trigger a flow when a file is inserted into a folder. How can I do this?

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Hi @Areej_fatima ,
You need to create a dispatcher which checks a file directory every 5mins and as soon as some file is there in directory it passes it to a queue and using that queue as a queue trigger for the second process. So as soon as the queue will be filled the second process shall get triggered.

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Follow the given link and I hope your issue will be resolved

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I have checked it, I guess it will only work for unattended and scheduled bot and not for attended bot

Hi @hafiz.ahsan , if it is attended you have to only trigger it.

Or can use “file change trigger activity”.

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Shubham Dutta

You wouldn’t want an attended automation to kick off automatically. The user won’t expect it and will likely interfere with it before they figure out why their mouse and keyboard are acting crazy.

Hello @Areej_fatima
You can use the File trigger activity inside the trigger scope

In Properties, you can choose the change type.

That doesn’t start a job, which is what the OP wants. That activity works by waiting for a file to change while your automation is already running, it doesn’t start the automation.

The attended license doesn’t allow automatic job execution, so the only way to do it (legally) is to execute either a script or a workflow on user log-in that will run “forever” and continuously monitor the folder.

You can make it a background workflow that can monitor a bunch of different triggers to spin off other jobs with Run Parallel Process.

To start a workflow on log-in, you have to automatically start Assistant (you can select that during installation) and set this on the process in Orchestrator:

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