Lesson 1 Quiz questions that haven't been covered in learning material

I thought the level 7 quiz was the hardest and very frustrating so far mostly as I believe many of the questions asked were not covered in the learning material (I’m sure some were covered, I just missed it but anyway here is my view. Please be aware it includes spoilers).

If you don’t get over the pass mark you can’t even check which ones you got wrong to try and find out the correct answer.

Here are some of the questions I think weren’t covered (I think if a question is going to be asked it should be covered in the learning material)



Don’t recall this being covered

This question annoyed me if what are we doing if not recording a set of actions in a virtual environment? There is no explanation why the answer is no so how do you learn anything from this question apart from getting it wrong and potentially having to repeat the test.

Click Text is clearly a button that is on the citrix recording toolbar so why is it not an activity that can be used to interact with applications in a Citrix environment? If the correct answer here was Click OCR Text and not Click Text (which does have OCR functionality but is not called that on the button) then whoever set the question is a very cruel individual.


If there is a ‘button’ that is just a label that fires an event when clicked on, clicking on the text should activate it shouldn’t it?



We didn’t cover whether it is possible or impossible to get text properties so another guess question


Are selectors hard to create for virtual environments? Are they easy? Are they impossible? There is no explanation of the answers!!!

I love this learning path. I think it’s great that it’s a free resource which will encourage developers to start using UiPath as a tool, but I think it could be made better to help the people who are trying to learn, to succeed without quite as much frustration.

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@charliefik - There is an option on the page where scores are displayed to see your answers, which went wrong by picking them up from there you can read more and correct them

The option only appears if you get over the pass mark (see the second paragraph of my initial comment) if there are several questions that haven’t been covered in the course material and if you have got lets say another question wrong you don’t then get the option to see your answers.

This means you can’t tell which questions you were wrong about (the hardest are the ones where you have say 4 answers and you have to tick which are correct, you only have to get one of those ticks wrong and the whole answer is wrong).

Because you can’t tell which ones you have got wrong if you don’t hit the pass mark the process becomes a bit of a guessing game.

I personally like to take the test until I get 100% because I then feel happier that I understand the subject, and not by just knowing the correct choice but by understanding why the answer is correct, so I am happy to read supplementary information if it has been supplied or redo the training if there is a section that I don’t feel happy with.

I also think that instead of just showing the answers as right or wrong there should be an explanation as to why the answers are so (in a perfect world). Also if you can’t access the questions to see what you got right or wrong unless you hit the pass mark how do you know what you need to investigate, maybe someone would say that if you don’t hit the pass mark then you should cover everything because you don’t have a full enough understanding and I would agree with that if there weren’t questions that were ambiguous, not covered or wrong (or if they are right then an explanation of why they are right should be available in some cases). I saw a post about a question which was incorrect relating to wild cards which was changed by the UiPath team which is great but they were only aware of it because someone brought it to their attention in the forums.

My main point however is that the questions should reflect the training material and if they don’t then links to the information required should be added to the training material or the questions asked at a point in the training where they have been covered.

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If everything would be there in the videos there will be no need to practice the lessons or the topics which are included or mentioned. How would we become confident by that? It is the best free course made available by UiPath, it seeks our contribution and efforts too.

If a user does not pass it is not frustrating it is time to go back and learn more before we clear it.

And I hope you will agree that it is so difficult to include everything in the course UiPath is so vast we need to learn and grow according to our need.

I am not saying that it has to be included in the videos.

I said that I am happy to read supplementary information on the subject so if there had been links to documents that covered the material I would have been delighted to read that (4th paragraph of my previous comment).

I also agree that it is the best free course for RPA training but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved by suggestions from the students which can be judged by the people developing the learning course.

The frustration is not from trying to understand something it’s from not having access to the material to understand it.

I think it’s a lot easier for someone that hasn’t completed the course and who is learning from the information provided to see where there may be missing areas in the learning material rather than someone who has completed the course or who is setting the questions as they have no doubt covered all the material required, so may not be aware there is a gap in the learning material. If this isn’t brought up by students going through the material how will it be dealt with?

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Yes it can be improved and it is already improving day by day by suggestions/ideas of users.

Also I am sure if there is any material/supplementary information about topics or course it will be provided to users but as of now there is none but the academy course which covers handsome amount of knowledge about the tool.

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I don’t really follow what you are saying.

You say

“Yes it can be improved and it is already improving day by day by suggestions/ideas of users.”

but you said that I shouldn’t post comments about the questions in the quiz (when I posted a comment about Lesson 4 quiz which is why I removed the questions in this post even though I completely disagree with you)

How can the learning course be improved if people are not allowed voice their opinions? I’m not saying that I’m right I just think that I should be allowed to have an opinion and then the UiPath learning team can either look into it or not but if they aren’t made aware of it then how will they ever know there is something that might need to be looked at. Other users can agree or disagree with my comments but I don’t think because you think the course is ‘wonderful’ that we shouldn’t discuss suggestions that others may have with the course.


That was completely fair enough to ask you not to write examination questions in the public posts. You can discuss a particular issue but you posted an image having examination questions. That was the only point. Anyways I hope you are mature enough to understand this, its upto you. We are here to solve each others problems not create to some. Hope you have a nice day ahead

I posted an image of the question to clarify which questions I was talking about (I hope you are mature enough to understand that). I could have typed them out of course but that would have taken longer and not been as good a use of my time (I prefer having to reiterate the same point over and over again while banging my head against a brick wall).

You do get that it doesn’t matter whether they see the questions in the forum or in the quiz, there is no time limit in the quiz you can retake the quiz as many times as you like. The quizzes are a learning tool to help you see what areas you may not fully understand and then you can try and find the answers. If anything I’m allowing people to see questions they may not have got in their quizzes and some helpful users gave links to documentation about selectors, which people can then read before they take the quiz if they want to help them complete the quiz while adding to their knowledge about the system. How that is ‘degrading the level of the exam’ I have no idea (it’s not an exam, it’s a learning tool and a very good one but topics in the quiz should be covered as I may have said before).

I hope you have a nice day too.

Hey folks!

We are not here to argue but to understand each other’s points (although personally I like a good debate :blush: )

Let’s take things one at a time, I will try to provide clear answers to your queries. If you feel something is not clear enough please let me know.

So, first things first:

  • even if you don’t get the pass mark you can see which questions you got wrong - Score 0 is displayed under each wrong question. What is doesn’t display is the correct answer (and details why an answer is correct or incorrect - noted)

  • question with Clipping Region - There were mentions but not clear examples - noted2

  • question with Citrix Recorder - it refers to image automation - so the key word here would be “automatically” - with Web/Desktop recorders you can just click, type and that’s it. When using images you have to type relative to an image of a button for example. Buuuut I see your point, the question can be misleading since it asks basically if Citrix Recorder can record, and the correct answer is No. - noted3

  • question with activities in Citrix - you’re right, Click Text can also be used in a Citrix environment because what it does is Native scraping + get text. Click OCR Text uses an OCR engine (by default Google OCR) and it’s recommended to use it in citrix because it usually retrieves more accurate results than Native scraping of Get Text. So this question basically refers to what’s on youur mind when you hear citrix? The simple answer would be image/OCR based activities. But noted4 this one as well!

  • question with Click Image Activity - this is a ui automation activity - so if you don’t see the picture on your screen you cannot click it - but there is room for improvement in how to ask this question - noted5

  • question with get text properties - true, at least the user guides should be available when covering this one

  • question with hard to create selectors in virtual env - true as well, it should be made more clear

So there were the answers on point. It’s really useful feedback and I can assure you that the Academy team is aware of most of these problems with the courses (other people have said the same about how frustrating it can be with the quizzes) and they have been working for quite some time to improve the courses. You will see the results pretty soon, I will announce it here.

This was the purpose one year ago when we launched the Academy, to make it easier and faster for anyone who wants to learn. As I said the courses were created a year ago and some of them might be deprecated.

We’re expecting feedback about anything. How can we improve if we don’t know people’s struggles?

Now, what @PrankurJoshi said about not sharing the questions publicly, he has a point. We trust people in general: when using our Community Edition product, when taking the courses (that they are not cheating) - all of these are mostly for learning and improving. But some people just want to have that Diploma, no matter if they understood what the course/product is about. So we are trying to avoid this because what’s the point in giving the courses for free if people are not learning something from them?

So nobody is wrong here, you are both saying that only having the courses for free is awesome. :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t bore you and if you’ve read until this point, have a great day and let me know if you need any more info.




Thank you Viorela for taking time to answer these points (from all sides)

Just to clarify I went back to quiz 8 (which I’ve already got 100% on) and deliberately got all the questions wrong (I could have just got 60% and failed to reach the pass mark to demonstrate. But if you fail to reach the pass mark there is no button to allow you to review the test you have just taken (screen shot below)

Now if I retake it and beat the passmark I can see a show your answers button.

If that button was available when you don’t get the pass mark then you could go into the quiz and see what you need to understand more clearly.


I will check why this changed. Please keep in mind that there are some limitations from the platform.

And I have sent all your feedback to the team.

I totally agree with @charliefik!
I also wondered why you (still!) can NOT see your answers (and which ones were correct or not) if you don’t pass the pass mark.

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it’s very helpful to new guys.

Hats off , awesome to the point clarifications.
One more im point :-
are the questions asked by @charliefk and agreed by you to be noted, corrected now ?
i just went through the same just now and faced the same issues.
Also for certification, in case question along these lines comes, answer should be consistent with that inacademy.


Hi @slazengerz

Could you specify the name of the course? Is it true for the updated Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3?

Hey There,
Yes, its relevant for the course 1, i,e Foundation course.

Kind Regards,