Level 1 Foundation - Quiz - Incorrect Score


Looks like a bug.


@k2nair, From my understanding it’s not a bug. Actually when there are multiple answers and if you have chosen only one correct option then it shows with tick mark and score as 0.

Note: One of the trickiest exam :slight_smile:

Dominic :slight_smile:


Thanks for the note @Dominic

I still think it’ s bug. If there are multiple correct answers, then there should be multiple green ticks to show which ones are correct, otherwise a new user will not get the correct feedback on their exam.

Someone needs to look into it.




Dominic :slight_smile:


I believe that answers B and C are correct here. So that why you don’t score a 100 :slight_smile:

I think @Dominic is right, the quiz results only shows the correct answers, and not which others are correct or incorrect, thats what makes it tricky :stuck_out_tongue:



Actually you can see all the correct answers only if you pass the quiz. If you don’t and you check the results, you will see only if your answers were correct or wrong.
In this case, it is obvious you didn’t check all the correct answers.

Andra T.


Thanks for the update @AndraT.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Is this a bug in showing the % of score on quiz 11

Dominic, you are correct. As this is a free, open course, we prefer to not make the correct/wrong answers public.
You will only get information about the answers you submitted, and no info (if right or wrong) on the answers you didn’t tick. The reason you score 0 in some cases it’s because the question has multiple answers and you have not chosen all the correct options.



Thanks for the clarification and explaining the rationale behind the display of scores.

As a user, it might help if this message was communicated at the start of the test so that it sets the right expectations and the message board doesn’t get similar posts :slight_smile: