Updating Specific data of a queue item - Activity

I would love to see an activity that will update the queue item specific information. I know you can do it with Orchestrator HTTP Request activity but it’s limited to New,Failed or Successful queue items. I would like to update In Progress queue items as well.

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Hey @bnastase can you please show me how you have updated the queue item specific information? I have managed to get the specific information through Orchestrator HTTP request but I am not sure how I can update it

Hi, have you found any solution for this? I have the same issue.

Any news on this? Can’t you update a collection data value of an existing Queue item in Progress? This is a dealbreaker :frowning:

The solution was to use the “Set transaction progress” activity or when you set your queue item to completed, add an output. @MikkelNielsen same thing I guess… I had to delete and re-add queue items as well to update the specific content (crazy thing to do I know)


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Yes, Set transaction Progress is the best solution I can think of. Cause if the transaction is set to failed, cannot add analytic or output data to it

Yes… an “Update Specific Content” activity would have been really useful