Activity to update Queue Items Specific Content

Hi Team,

It is better to have a readymade activity for updating any specific content data for queue items. I know we can use HTTP API calls to update it, but an activity will be useful to easily update it.

For example I have a property called “SentToApproval” in the specific content, at the time of adding to queue it will be “New” once after it has been sent to required approvals I want to update it as “Sent”.


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What would you say if would have an input for Transaction Information that allows you to edit also the values saved in Orchestrator?

But please share some more details about your usecase. Who is processing the transaction item? would it be in New but with some properties changed?

Hi @alexandru,

I have a process where

  1. The requests were there in a web application
  2. For each request bot will fetch the details from web application and will add them as Transactions into the queue
  3. And for each request BOT will do some validations, If the validations are failed the transaction item status is changed to Failed - Business Exception and will not be processed further.
  4. For the validation successful ones, BOT will send a mail to the approval of the request. In this case the Queue item will still be in New status and I want to update one of the property in Specific Content as Mail sent to Approval
  5. I want an another process which will check for this property and if it is Mail sent to approval, it will check for the approval mail and if received should update the status as Approved which should be processed with next steps once approved.


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I am having the same issue, did you call the api from the same robot ! while the item is in progress!

If yes please share how.