Failed to publish workflow to orchestrator


When i publish the workflow to orchestrator it hit the below error

Framework/GetAppCredentials.xaml: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}GetSecureCredential’.

Do you know how to resolve it?

Check below KB:

Hi @Hima,

This means that your project requires a dependency, which the complier cannot locate. In your case, you are using the Get Credentials activity in one or more of your workflows, without installing the UiPath.Credentials.Activities

Suggested Solution:

In the Studio tool bar select Manage Packages —> Choose Official → Search for UiPath.Credentials.Activities —> Click Install and OK

The next time you publish the complier has the correct namespaces for the given activities and it should work.

Hope this helps!


I think i have installed already

Hi @Hima,

Have you tried updated that package? Also a screeshot of your workflow where you use the “Get Credential” activity could be useful.

The error source is from Framework/GetAppCredentials.xaml
Do also check if your activity is shown in the workflow. If the dependencies are missing you might get a red sign on the “Get Credential Activity”

Hi @Hima,

I see in output window, there is a reference for GetAppCredentials.xaml file.
Could you please share screenshot of that xaml?

Also if there is no specific reason on its usage, I would suggest to remove this xaml from your framework and use ‘Get Credentials’ activity directly in your workflow wherever you need to fetch credentials and make use of it.
Usage of this xaml file is anyways not a recommendation per analyzer rules and you will also not find this file being included anymore in any new projects (being created from templates) in studio anymore.



I have managed to publish the workflow after delete the getAppCredentials.xaml files i am not using that xaml in workflow

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Hi @Hima,

Good to hear that :slight_smile:
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