Unable to publish workflow to orhestrator


I have completed the workflow for calculate client security has assignment and tried to publish to orchestrator but it hit the error "cannot create unknown type get securecredential

Do you know what is the problem?

have a check on the dependencies / Package manager
ensure that the UiPath.Credentials.Activities is referenced correctly

Hi @Hima ,

Click below option you will able to find the missing workflow in your project.

Hi @Hima,

I see in output window, there is a reference for GetAppCredentials.xaml file.
Could you please share screenshot of that xaml?

Also if there is no specific reason on its usage, I would suggest to remove this xaml from your framework and use ‘Get Credentials’ activity directly in your workflow wherever you need to fetch credentials and make use of it.
Usage of this xaml file is anyways not a recommendation per analyzer rules and you will also not find this file being included anymore in any new projects (being created from templates) in studio anymore.


Hi @Hima,

I see this issue is resolved for you now under another thread (Failed to publish workflow to orchestrator),
hence, could you please mark solution on this one for this topic to get closed as well?

Thank you.