Facing problem in outlook automation

Hi, I want to read an unread email from outlook and i designed a flow for that but issue is its reading mail from other not from Focoused. see below screenshot. I want to read email from Focused.

Hi @Puneet_Singh3 ,

Could you try Specifying the Account which you want to read the Emails from, specify in the same way as mentioned in Outlook :

Strill after mentioning account its reading from other not from focused.

Hi @Puneet_Singh3

try checking with other account and see if issue still persist

normaly after passing account name it should read

In the properties panel of Get outlook mail messages
Please Make sure OnlyUnreadMessages Checkbox is Checked and Folder name Must be “Inbox”.


I already did its reading OnlyUnreadMessage and folder name is Inbox. Dont know why its reading mail from others

Hello @Puneet_Singh3 , I think this information may help you

We have property in Outlook to get the value focused or Other

Property Name - inferenceClassification - The classification of the message for the user, based on inferred relevance or importance, or on an explicit override. The possible values are: focused or other.

Hello @Puneet_Singh3

As an intermittent solution can you do as below.
Right click on the Focussed tab->Disable Focussed Inbox.

Please try like this and update here.