Some emails are not marked as read when Outlook is closed

i use the GET OUTLOOK MAIL MESSAGE activity.
When Outlook is opened, no problem : all emails are marked as read.
But when Outlook is closed, only the 4 or 5 first emails are marked as read.
Somebody can help me ?

@david.wouters ,

If Open instance of outlook works best for your Automation.

How about Opening Outlook at the beginning and then proceeding with the process.

Steps in Automation :

  1. Get List of All Processes Running
  2. If Outlook is Available in Process List - Good - Else - Start application - Outlook.exe
  3. Once Opened - Continue the Automation
  4. Once completed successfully - You can Keep the outlook open or close it .


Thanks for your answer !

This is very strange…
i open Outlook to retreive the 20 first unread emails every 10 seconds, and with each new opening, a certain number of emails read previously were re-marked as “unread” ???
It’s a real problem because in my Orchestrator Queue, i find many time the same emails and i don’t want that.

An idea ?

So Instead of relying on Read/ unread - Can we think of any other way to identify the unread emails.

e.g. - we can create an additional Folder in Inbox - Say Processed.

Whenever a email is successfully processed - we move the email to Processed Folder … and for automation we always read the Inbox Folder …

This way we can have always have latest email to process.


This could actually be a solution (although I like to understand why things aren’t working the way they should;)).
Thanks for your help.

@david.wouters ,

Below are the things we can verify -

  1. There is No Rule Setup on the mailbox that is doing so.
  2. The mailbox you are referring in not shared mailbox and multiple user are having access to it.
  3. what is the manual behavior of outlook in such scenarios.