Facing issue with Create Form Task and Wait for form Task and Resume

Hi Team,

am using create Form Task and Wait for form Task and resume in parallel for each.

2 separate tasks are created, taking into consideration only one task after forms are approved.

Please find below logs for your reference.

@Liji can you please help me on this

@rajsekhar is this consistently reproducible and against which environment (version) is this happening? Can you share the workflow if possible ? Are you passing both the task objects to the parallel for each correctly (List contains both task objects and not same task object twice?). I would need to reproduce this, if a sample can be shared.

I am using community studio version(Studio pro 2020.4.3).
please find the attached workflowMain.xaml (32.8 KB)

We find this shared workflow working as expected. Could you please cross check the dependencies version as in the attached screenshot.

@Liji which role is required for the user to approve the task forms in the orchestrator