Action Centre Wait for form Task and resume activity not working

Hi UiPath Community,
I am using Action centre for one process when i used the activity wait for form task and resume activity in for loop it is showing error like this “Mail_ActionCentre.xaml: Cannot place activity under scope ‘For Each’, as the activity requires persistence and the scope does not offer support for it”.Is there is any solution for this please help ASAP


Hi @SainathReddy

Make sure you use the resume form task activity with in the workflow if you process is a long running work flow you will encounter this type of error keep it outside the for each loop and try it again
Hope it Helps!

outside for each it will work but i have 2-3 files to validate, if i kept outside for each how it will work i am basically new to this action centre


develop the process in re frame work it will woks as per your requirement

No alternative soln for this?


inside for each loop keed parallel activity in one brach keep the wait for resume activity and in orthe brach keep the activities as per your need

Hope it works!

Inside for each body?

Yes, inside for each body use parallel activity

Still showing that error