Facing issue while installing Enterprise Orchestrator

Hello Team,

I need your help, We are setting up our UAT development Environment, I am facing issue while installing Orchestrator. I am getting an error note as ‘An Unexpected error occurred’. I am not sure why we are facing this issue… I have checked all pre-requisites everything looks proper. Please help me guys for solving this issue.

Hi @Rahul_Jawahirani - Can you check the Temp folder in the machine? Installation logs will be written in Temp by default. It will give some insights on actual error.
Run → %temp% → check for logs

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Echoing what @JithinKP suggested, I also wanted to point out that it looks like you are installing 2019.10. Is there a reason for using an older version instead of 2020.10 (Current LTS Release) or 2021 (2021.10 LTS will be coming in October).

If you are comfortable with it, my preference is to leverage the MSI so you can script your installation or at least write out a command that can be copy/pasted so when you run into errors you can tweak it and not have to spend time clicking through the installation wizard each time.

After scouring the log file, if you still having troubles - please detail what motions you have gone through, any prereqs that you installed, current versions, etc.

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