Got 'unexpected error' while installing the Orchestrator

Hi, I get the below error while installing the Orchestrator on the window test server.

Note - I have already installed the Robot and Studio.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman @Pablito kindly help.

Kindly have a view in this thread

Cheers @balkishan


Hi Palani, Thanks for the quick response. I have downloaded this file, but when I run the second number file, it open in a cmd. So can you please what exactly we have to do with this downloaded file.

Nothing giving much about this.


I hope that will automatically adds the feature to the server
I would like to suggest you like Feel free to contact our uipath technical team on this
They could help you with this error like where we are lagging with the configuration

Cheers @balkishan

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Thanks so much Palani :slight_smile:
I did the same from the provided link. I did install the required files from the Server Manager!
Helped a lot the provided link.

Finally I have installed the Orchestrsator, Robot & Studio

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Cheers @balkishan

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