Facing issue whie automating


On this screen, I am trying to delete and replacing all rows fields with other details in Expense Type, Description and Amount in one go. What will be the ways to do so.

Please advise how this can be done.

Irshad Mapari

Hi @mapariirshad,

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Correct me if I am wrong - you want to insert New Data in the text Fields by removing the old one?

For that :
Type into has a property called EmptyField , Check it and try .


Hi Mukesh,

Yes, i want to insert new data by replacing the old ones.

For Type Into activity, i have to indicate fields number of times.

For ex. if i want to insert 15 records then 15*3 (Expense Type, Description and Amount) fields have to indicate again and again.

Is this only way to add one-by-one or any other activity where in one go it will get inserted.

Irshad Mapari