Recording ExpenseIt, typing on the same line

I have done a recording in the ExpenseIt application. Everything works fine except from that i dont know how to type on the new line that is created when clicking “Add Expense”. It keeps writing over the text on the same line. Do i have to change something in the selector area or is it a for each row loop that will help me in this case?

could you please unchecked "simulate Typein the property of type into activity and check.

It is already unchecked.

If I understand you correctly, it adds new UI elements on click of the button?
You need to find the proper selector for the newly created row in each iteration. Without access to the app it’s hard to say exactly what you’ll need to do, but check with UiExplorer how the selectors for each row look and try to find a pattern (maybe rowID increments, maybe it has a different class for new rows etc.).

There are 3 columns and the new row creates 3 indexes, “1”, “2”, “3”. And next row, “4”, “5”, “6”, and so on. But my automation only writes on the first line, 1,2,3.

Seems simple enough - you need to increment the ID’s on each iteration (keep a counter for it, preferably 0 based) and do dynamic selectors (generated on runtime from string manipulation).

If you don’t know how to, you could search the forums (there were topics with similar questions), and/or post what selectors you’re using now (or the xaml) and someone will definitely be able to help.