Extraction of selected value instead of drop down using modern design table extraction wizard

I want to extract a table using modern design table extract wizard. While extracting I need selected values insted of list of values from drop down. How can I extract only selected value.

Thank you

you can use select item activity and pass extract value

I have a table where I have two columns one is yes/no field and another one is mr/mrs. At that fields one column is yes and another column is Mr. So when I using table extract I need that values like yes & Mr. But instead of that i am getting complete list like in first column yes , no and second column mr and mrs. Select item is used as input thing right where I need to select one item from drop down list.

Hi @oraganti931 ,

Could you maybe analyse and Check when Mrs. is Selected and No is Selected, does the values Shift ? As in - First Column no , yes and Second Column mrs , mr. ?

Do Identify and analyse what happens when different selections are made and it’s extraction, we may be able to update the datatable later based on this logic.

However, An Analysis also would need to be made to check whether any attribute is set on that element to make it as the Selected value. Maybe Indicate the List of Dropdown after a Selection using UiExplorer and check what would be the difference in selector between a Selected value and Non-Selected Value.

Let us know your findings.