Extract Table Data Activity is unable to extract the selected value from drop-down list

Hi, I am trying to extract the data from a table in which the user has selected the yes/no option from drop-downs. But, extract table data activity is extracting the whole list of values instead of just one. Can anyone help?

Hi @Muhammad_Bilal2 ,

Could you try using the Find Children Activity instead?


Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

issue is reported to UiPath

as mentioned by Ashwin we can handle with:

  • find children
  • XML-Linq options (for last resort)

@Muhammad_Bilal2 can you try using screen scraping methods (Full text or Native method)

He’s on modern, so he has Extract Table Data not the old wizards shown in your screenshot.

Thank you for your reply. How can find children activity help? Do I need to use it before Extract Table Data Activity? and which properties to specify?

Thank you for your help. I am unable to comprehend such a large article though tried filtering the XML string but couldn’t get the desired result.

HI @Muhammad_Bilal2

Have a look the documentation

A Guide to Extracting Multiple Tables from Web Page with UiPath | Skcript.