Extract Data from each row (link) on website

Hello dear community! I’m brand new on UiPath and I would like to ask for your valuable help.

Currently I’m working on extracting data from a website.

  1. I need to click on each link and then extract specific data from each link of the below table data:

  1. then Extract specific Data from each link. For example, extract the currency info for each link of the Table Data.

The first thing that I’ve tried was to use the “Extract Data Table” Activity. Then, use “For each row” activity, nevertheless, It is sending me the same result for each row, even the information it’s different. It is sending me the information of the first row only.

Your valuable comments are really appreciated!

Here it is what it looks like when you click on one row of the data table:

Hi @carlos.rodriguezsanchez ,
You can try step
select the first row from unique Id


select the second row from Unique Id


Check the extract Url column



are you using desktop application or web application?

Hi Veeraeaj, I’m using web application :slight_smile:

First you can extract all the reference number and iterate through each reference and click afterwards can extract.
note: if URL is changing as per reference, then you can keep use each reference to navigate the browser.

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Hey @carlos.rodriguezsanchez ,
Use browser activity
You can use extract Table data, Get the names and Url Of it
Add a for each datatable activity
inside for each → use go to url activity and provide it as CurrentRow(“Url”).toString ->then use get text to extract currency

Hope it helps you!

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Hi Vikas!
First of all, I want to thank you for your time!

I’ve tried what you mentioned but I’m getting stuck when I use the Get Text Activity:


I’m getting the following error:

Get Text Currency: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

The closest matches found are:

Do you know what Could I do to solve it?

Warm Regards!!