Data_Extraction from a website

Hi everyone,

I am trying to extract data from “” website; where I want the bot to click on each link and then extract the date in each page like Background, Methods, Results & Conclusions.

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Hi @kumarmanjeetcr7

you c@n do one thing cre@te @n excel sheet for the description

& then do the D@t@ Scr@pping

@shwin S

Can you please explain me a bit more… I am new to UiPath and don’t have much exposure

Hi @kumarmanjeetcr7,
I don’t see any dates there. But I’ll help with the extraction of other cases.

You can use Find children activity and indicate the div element Class = ‘toContent’ which has all the link. Use for each activity to loop through all the links. Change the for each argument to Uipath.core.UiElement. Then Use click activity, inside the element property give the item. After clicking the link it will redirects to the next page there you can use, get text activity and use regex to get your necessary data.

I hope I gave enough info. If you need some more help let me know.:innocent:

Happy automation.

Here you with the xaml for your case study (11.3 KB)

Cheers @kumarmanjeetcr7

Thanks a lot… This is perfect. I will look in to the workflow file to understand how you did it exactly :slight_smile:


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