Extract urls along with the text

Hi all,

I would like to extract both text and url from a UiPath website. However, table extraction not working in this case. It extracts only raw data.

Please find the attached image. Can anyone help me how to achieve this.

Is there a reason you want to use the table extraction instead of the get text activity?

Do you mean the text and the URL of the website, or do you mean the text and the hyperlink of the blue words?

might be better to extract

  • text: with get text / get attribute - text attribute
  • url: with find children / get attribute - inner html attribute and html parsing on a element
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I want to extract whole page paragraphs. In case, if I want to extract Q&A from website, is GetText activity can help?

Want to extract hyperlinks of blue words.

Is it possible to scrape whole page using GetText activity. If yes, can you please provide sample steps/screenshots

please share with us an url, which will represent the data / element structures of your automation case.

Would like to extract q&a from below link along with hyperlinks(blue words).

Hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

When you are scrapping using Table Extraction. After scrapping a Value.
Hovering on the column, you will see a icon marked as below, by clicking on it, it will ask for the option to extract URL, click on it and it will work.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 195827

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Okay,thanks. Can you please help to extract q&a from UiPath website along with hyperlinks in the answers.

Not getting extract url option for Q&A or any paragraph with hyperlinks.

Hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti,

I have created a workflow that extract the hyperlinks from the text field. Please find the attached workflow.

Step To Follow:

  1. Use Find Element activity to scrape the UI Element.

  2. Get the Found Element property from Find Element activity

  3. Store the Found Element result in a UIElement variable

  4. Invoke Workflow File workflow available in the process - ExtractURLWithText.xaml and pass the IN argument UiElementSelector and get the OUT arguments as the extracted results

  5. Results are of 2 types.
    1st text with URL

2nd URL and its TITLE

Attached Sample Process:
ExtractTextAndURLFromTextField.zip (7.9 KB)