How to save amazon product price to excel in loop

I want to write Amazon product prices to Excel sheet.
Suppose every time I have to log in to amazon search for a product and save its price to excel


Use data extraction/Table extraction it would directly extract it into excel


Hi @Mozammil,

Try following steps:

– Open Browser or Use Browser/ Application (Amazon URL)
– Type into (To search the required product)
– Table Extraction or Data extraction ( Will extract all required data and save it in datatable)


– Write range (To write it into a excel).

Hope it works.


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Hello @Mozammil
Refer to this video you May get some idea

Hello @Anil_G @Harshith_Adyanthaya

Thanks for quick reply. But my task is to click on product read price and write to excel.


Then use for each ui element to click on each product…then you can use get text inside to get the price field…make sure the selector for price is dynamic so that it supports any product…use ui explorer to get better selector and edit it

Hope this helps


any other option instead of using data scraping

That is the easiest and most efficient solution.

@Mozammil ,
Data Scraping is the easiest way to do this . Other than that you can use "Find children "Activity and can scrape the data.