Grab Amazon Product Reviews and save them to excel

Can you please send a process to capture Amazon Product Reviews and save them to excel? I’ve tested the blank captured many times. I don’t know what’s wrong. (the evaluation of any commodity is OK)

can you send the link and the screenshot of what you want to save ?

For example, the evaluation of this product link only needs the first 10 pages. Thank you

Hi i have tried with scrapping and it works

Can you send the process document? I’ll test it. Thank you.

Main.xaml (9.1 KB)
btw you can use write range , i didnt include it on the file
tell me how it works for you okey

and make sure to open the link , click see all reviews and scroll down until you see next button before u run ,

i didnt include the automation for that because i was just trying to get the data you need ,
regards ahmad

OK, thank you very much. I’ll test it again. I think it’s my problem.

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