Extracting Data problem

Hi, im trying to extract 300 results using table data extraction but it doesnt work as it only extracts 40 rows even after changing it to 300 in max rows. Help

HI @r_sreenath

Can you Share the screenshot of the website?

have you tried with Data Scrapping Tool


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yes the modern data tool.

Hi @r_sreenath

While selecting the first and second element try to indicate in the different rows like

If you are indicating first element as dog knotted rope product indicate the second element at the last right corner

something like this check all the possibilities by changing the first and second element


Hi @r_sreenath

Go to → Project Panel → Setting → General → Disable [Modern Design] → Click Ok

After that use Data Scrapping tool


Check out the documentation


yep, i have done it the exact same way and it doesnt work.

so basically in classic interface im using modern extract data table, as structured data table doesnt work for loop search results. Modern works but only gives me 40 results instead of 300


I have try with Data scrapping and it is getting all the data. Can you try with this.