Extracting Bank Statement

Good Morning,

I am creating a Robot to extract bank statement, but locked in the part that asks for the password on the virtual keyboard, because with each access the characters change position, can someone help me?

@Ronaldo - Find text or Find image can be used in this scenario. The activity can search for the particular text or image (Eg. 2 ou 9) and click on it. This way even if the position of the tiles containing the keys changes, the bot will be able to identify it and click.

@Vijay_chandran - Okay, so, should I do with OCR Text Exists? If you can help me, I appreciate it.

@Ronaldo - Can you try using ‘Click OCR Text’ activity? This will search for a string inside the image and then clicks on it.

Ronaldo, I have the same problem. How do you solve this question? Could you please past the image? Thank you