Which activity should we use to fetch text from cheque image?

I need to fetch account number and name of that cheque and insert in some field. The cheque is uploaded in the form of Photo.

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have you tried reading the image using read pdf with ocr activity

gives you the output as string

from the string you can extract the account number


Hi @Samraat_Maharjan1

You can use read pdf with ocr activity and use regex
Use digitze document (intilligentOCR activities) then use extract data using regex

Try with computer vision activities that san interact with images easily


For all other activities


Hope this helps
Cheers @Samraat_Maharjan1

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan1

You can try with Get OCR activity

Check out this thread


@Shiva_Nikhil I couldn’t find read pdf with ocr activity. Do i need to install some packages?

@supriya117 I couldn’t find read pdf with ocr activity. Do i need to install some packages?

@Gokul001 when I try to use get ocr. It would select whole text but I need to select only account number and name


install UiPath.pdf.activities from the manage packages


install pdf activities and ocr activities packages and try to use read pdf with ocr

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan1

No problem. Extract the whole text from the cheque and we can use Regex expression to extract the account number and name from that.

Share the dummy format after extracting the text from the Cheque


You can try this cheque and try to extract name and account number.

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan1

Check out the XAML file and SS

04.10.2023_Forum_3.xaml (9.1 KB)


I used the same code but I am only getting this. Also what API Key have you used and why?

I actually wanted to fetch name instead of amount

@tazunnisa.badavide since I have to read the text from different cheque which will be in image form. I don’t think I can use this feature.

This is the required output right?

i Believe,You can follow these steps inorder to get these as the output

To Extract name out of it use this pattern (?<=\d{16}\s)[A-Z\s]+

@tazunnisa.badavide yes, that’s what I needed but with that activity, I need to upload a cheque every time. I got an image of the cheque on the website itself. I just want to fetch name and account number from it.