Extract the data from different different URL's & some URL's are removed

Hi Everyone,

I have URLs of some products which are stored in an excel sheet, I have to extract the data by running those URLs. But some URLs have been removed by Amazon for some reason. When I run the robot and when that URL comes which has been removed by Amazon , it throws an error. I want whenever that url come then UIpath move to the next url.

some example for URL:-


Xaml file will be helpful.


Wouldn’t it simply be a matter of adding a ‘Try-Catch’ around the code to extract data and then, using ‘Continue’ or incrementing the counter for your loop in the Catch.

You could also use a ‘Find Element’ to validate whether the page has loaded using the Amazon header and raise a custom exception on failures.

Hi @azherullah-hussaini could you please share xaml file, it would be grate for me.