Data extraction from different different URL's

I have links to some URLs in Excel. I want to extract the data by running those URLs. But some URLs have been removed from site. And the error throws as soon as that URL opens. I want uipath to move to the next record as soon as the that URL come. I have attached xaml file & excel sheet which have url’s. Please let me know how to deal with this.
Kroger file.xaml (62.6 KB) Kroger upload file.xlsx (32.9 KB) project.json (1.3 KB)

Let me check and then I will reply soon .
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Kroger file.xaml (62.6 KB)
check this once and let me know, it solved or not

Hi @sargar_gupta It is still throwing errors. I want uipath to open another URL as soon as the removed URL is opened. Right now he is handling the exception but if he is not getting any further elements then he is throwing an error.

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