Unable to scrape all results from amazon.in search

Hi. My robot opens amazon.in website using chrome browser.

It types “iphone” in the search bar and then used data scraping to extract names of iphones in the results. But it extracts only top two(sponsored) results.

Similary if robot searches for “rice” and then uses data scraping to extract names of resulting rice packets, it extracts only sponsored(not even all sponsored, some are missing) results.

I want to extract all results. I’m not able to understand how to achieve this. Can someone please help?

Here are my project files.
AmazonAutomation.zip (3.9 MB)

@Shubham_Varshney @Ramya_Ranjan_Sahu

The products residing in different sections, so the main result were not taken, when configured e.g. on the top products.

Configuring the datascrapper on the search results extracts e.g. following:

we would suggest to incorporate:

  • extraction separate configured for different sections
  • check defensive e.g. with element exists if different parts (e.g. editor choice) is present or not before extraction

Thank you @ppr . I’ll try this