Extract table data timing issue

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I’m using extract table data tool in workflow. When data found in web page it executes quickly. When there is no data to extract it is waiting for so long. How to reduce when data not found how to skip the step in 1 or 2 seconds. Please suggest

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Hi @Niranjan_k

→ Use check app state activity to check the table exist in the webpage.
→ In check app state activity indicate the table which contains the reference data.
→ In the Target appear block insert the Extract datatable activity to extract the table.
→ In the Target doesn’t appear don’t give any activity.
→ There is Seconds field in check app state activity give the value of 5 in dropdown.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!


Extract Table Data Activity
TimeoutMS: 2000
Catch TimeoutException
Log Message or other actions

@mkankatala if no data I’m getting error here

Write Range: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I’m not sure about the error, any suggestions please

Are you used Check app state, @Niranjan_k

Send the screenshot of your webpage when datatable exist and datatable doesn’t exist and your workflow
Share this if it’s not a sensitive data.


try this :

Element Exists
Selector: Indicate the element representing the table
TimeoutMS: 2000 (or your preferred timeout)
elementExists (Boolean variable)
Condition: elementExists = True
Extract Table Data (or other relevant activities)


@mkankatala extremely sorry I can’t share the image bcz of data sensitivity. But as per your image I have built I got the same error again


Write Range: object reference not set instance of an object

@sai_gupta could you please help me with screen shot, I can try to build the workflow as suggested

@rlgandu where should I mention this time in properties common section

Okay @Niranjan_k

Have you inserted the Write range workbook activity next to the Extract datatable activity inside the Target appears block in check app state activity.

Check the below image,

Note : If the Datatable appear in this condition give the activities in target appears block, if datatable doesn’t appear give the activities in target doesn’t appear block.

Hope you understand!!

Hope you understand!!

Hi @Niranjan_k

You can give it try the below steps
1 . Use Extract Table data activity , and assign the output to a datable variable
2 . Then try to read the rowcount , if rowcount = 0 , then there is no data and vice versa .

Hope it helps


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@mkankatal amazing it’s working. I was packing write outside check app state

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Thank you @Niranjan_k

Happy Automation!!

@Kanak_Lata_Singh thank you for quick reply

@rlgandu thanks a lot for replying promptly

@sai_gupta thank you for quick reply

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