Please help for data scrapping

how to control when the page is taking time to upload but data is scrapping quickly and not takinh the correct table.

below is the output message post data scrapping which is showing blank.

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Hi @taruna.mehra

First before data scrapping kindly use Element Exists and check any item whether is loaded or not

Post that
Please go with data scrapping

Hope this helps

Also @taruna.mehra

While data scrapping with Extract structures datatable activity we got a property named DelayBetweenPagesMS where set the time as 15000 milliseconds
So that before each page is scrapped with data a delay is set to load page which will ensure that all data is obtained

Also mention maxnumberofrecords property as 0 so that all data is scrapped

Thanks I will work and let you know

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Hello @taruna.mehra

If you are using classic designer then you have to use Data scrapping and if you are using modern designer then you have to use Table extraction. While creating the workflow if Datascrapping successfully detects the table in the webpage, then it should work during execution also. One important thing to consider is , you need to give proper delay in the process. Just try with the Debug slow method and check whether you are able to get the output.

Also once you get the datatable output, you need to convert to string using output datatable activity and use in the message activity.

Yes I will try for sure

Hi I tried… but its showing same scrapping however my data file has 2 names for data scrapping so pls advise.

@taruna.mehra Let it extract the data. You can remove duplicates once the final extraction done using Remove Duplicate Rows activity

I did that but facing a small issue.

for example, Nifty 50 options have the same element as Bank Nifty Options so if I select an element that exists then I will have to use a common element otherwise it will pick only NIFTY 50.

@taruna.mehra If possible can you share a sample screenshot

see i have to select Nifty 50 Options first from my data file then will scrap the data then next loop will select Nifty Bank Options which is not happening.

i have taken element exists activity which selects page item which is coming before selecting the item from the category section that’s why robot is confused.

Now am selecting element exists activity i will have to select a common field but it’s showing before selection also.

Please reply

@taruna.mehra If element exists doesn’t work why don’t you try giving some generic delay before scraping next set of options

I tried but didn’t work.

Hi @taruna.mehra

Can you able to share the website link. We will draw a skeleton for you