Extract Table Data: The data scraping operation has timed out

Hi There,

I utilized the table extraction activity to retrieve a table from a web page. However, when I execute the workflow, I encounter the following issue:
I have attempted to resolve this problem by increasing the timeout value, but that approach has not proven effective


is the table visible on the webpage while extracting ?



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  1. Is the table indicated properly?
  2. Is the table selector changing?
  3. Is the table huge?
  4. Is this happening only for that particular table or all?



so basically it will happen because the web page takes long time too load or if the data extraction process exceeds the timeout limit or not visible on the webpage while extracting.

Despite the timeout, I was still able to view the page on the front end and attempted to extract the table. As a solution, I closed the session and then reopened it. Subsequently, I was able to successfully extract the table data.

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