Cannot indicate the Extract Table Data Activity

It doesn’t allow me to remove title and so on whenever i try to indicate element. I have to remove title because website is dynamic and each time i have to extract different tables.

Is the same thing happening to you?

hi @170290064

edit title from the Attach Browser selector .


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Hi @170290064

Check if it inside the Attachbrowser / Open Browser, If that is the case then you have the option to remove from there. So that becomes your parent window where it capture the app and title

If you are using the Modern design activities then you to check the Use application / browser

Hope this may help you


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Extend the target in properties and copy the whole strict selectors. Open the fuzzy selectors and clear the selectors and paste the strict selectors and hit on save.
In targeting method uncheck the strict selector and check the fuzzy selectors and save the program.

Hope it helps!!

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The Use Application Browser (Attach Browser in Classic Activities) is already dynamic.

I realised that if Extract Table Data Activity’ Selector can already validate the page it doesn’t allow you to change the content but if it cannot validate the page (which means you in the different page than you indicated before) it allows you to change whatever you want to change (title and so on)

Isn't that strange :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: :man_facepalming:

But they say “always use the strict selector”

So you are saying something different that which i never heard of it and not familiar to hear it :sweat_smile:

As the datatable value changes dynamically, we need to use fuzzy.

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Hiii @170290064

In this case, the parent selectors are changing every time and we want to extract the changing datatable it was dynamic right. Then we have to use the fuzzy selectors. we are fetching the strict selector and using for fuzzy selector.

Hope it helps!!

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Thanks for the explanation :+1:

Thanks for the answers :slightly_smiling_face:


Problem solved by @drbuddepu :ok_hand:

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