For multiple ids how to Extract table data in web page dynamically


Extract table data for one id it is working fine, for all other ids im getting first data, data is not changing dynamically in same format for other ids, Is there any settings do i need to update.


@niranjan.kummara Are you getting id from datatable or from variable?. could you please show the table data?

@sangeethaneelavannan1 im getting these ids from variable. i want to loop the same fuctionality for multiple ids, For one id it is working fine but other ids im getting 1st id data.

1.for each id in list loop inside enter the security id 2.use counter variable and intialize as 0
Increment it by 1 using assign activity
3.extract table and give datatable variable as extrctdatatable+counter.tostring
4 write it in excel
in sheet field " sheet"+ id.tostring and datatable field give
This code will save table data in different sheet with id as sheet name

@sangeethaneelavannan1, It is very hard for me to understand, I am new to UiPath and building workflows with the help of YouTube videos. Could you please share me any reference videos or sample workflows. it helps me to modify my workflow.

@sangeethaneelavannan1 From below url how can i update fuctionality to update secid dynamically.


Duplicate post:Extract table data is not working for multiple ids dynamically - #6 by niranjan.kummara

Hope we are discussing the same issue in both the threads.