How to make the extract structure data dynamic

I am trying to make the selector dynamic ,plz see below attachment.

as seen the highlighted part this value change evrytime. So to handle this i used three ways:

  1. <webctrl id=‘innerForm*’
    2.<webctrl id=‘*’
    3.omit this <
    But none of the ways are waorking


Please open ui explorer and check for othwr attributes that you can find which are reliable


I have also tried by adding parentclass and parent name


Try adding parentid with removing any dynamic content and also add id with innerform*

That might work…please chekc


not working


Is it possible to share the site details here?


url is not public

Hi @Neha_Aggarwal1 ,

Did you try the Data Scraping/Table Extraction from scratch or are you modifying the existing Activity only ?

Let us know if it doesn’t work even with the Data Scraping done from scratch.

Also, Identify what are the changes observed in the Selectors of the Extract Structured Data activity when performed Data Scraping at different times/Scenarios.

yes, i tried with scratch… only the highlighted part is changing everything else remain constant.