How to use Extract Structured Data

I want to get all data from web which has next page. I search Extract Structured Data can do it. But I dont know whether I use it wrong or not and its ExtractMetaData is empty and has error-“ExtractMetaData was not supplied”.

Click on screen scraping


After indicating an element, if its a part of structured data, you’ll get a prompt if you want to extract from table. Click yes. It will generate a single metaData with only one tag as

Do you mean that I need use your method to generate metaData when I use Extract Structured Data activity?

If you’re using Extract Structured Data activity, you have to provide an XML manually As MetaData.

But by using Data scraping as I showed, UiPath will take care of everything.

Maybe there’s a way to get XML using Extract Structured Data but I don’t know sorry

OK, got it. I will try it.