Extract specific data from invoices

Hi community,

ran into an issue here, trying to extract data from invoices. From the invoices I receive I only want to extract the “product name” and the “amount to pay” all the rest is irrelevant, however I receive this invoice once a month so need it to work without specifying the document plus the invoices can contain between 10 and 100 entries, so I used the little knowledge I obtained from the RPA Developer Course, but I am unable to only scrape the tables below the “product name” and “amount to pay” and to export that to excel. Checked tutorials and this forum but did not get any wiser…

Any help appreciated!


Your invoice file type? is it a PDF?

Yes it is

If possible attach the invoice here, or show a snippet of what you need to extract.

Try using get text activity and see if you are able get the value out of it.

Of course see here, I need each entry seperated below the highlighted words exported…
I tried “get text” but also no joy. In the invoices the “description” and “import” are always the same except the products

What I mean I can export it fine just once, but when I try to do it with other invoice with the same structure but with more entries it fails.