Invoice Data Extraction



Hi.I am trying to extract the contents of invoices and store it in an excel sheet.I am facing problems while extracting the description fields(description and its respective price).Can you please help me out for extraction of the description field and store in a excel file.



 Try using get ful text activity with native method.then u should get all the text from pdf without flaws.


I tried using get full text,it is not possible .There is a lot of data in the invoice(both party’s names,addresses etc).I want to extract the description of the multiple products(in the same invoice) only. Also I need to store each of those fields in a excel sheet.


Try using this 3rd party application it will help you.

Automate this application to convert pdf to xls


I want to automate it without using any third party websites purely using uipath.


Can you please share the Invoice pdf(if it doesn’t contain sensitive data)? It’s not easy to help you with such little information.

Why is it not possible? Is it throwng any error? Or it doesn’t return relevant data?


I have attached a sample screenshot.Here I want to extrct the description and price.


Use Data scraping and u will get all the values in a tabular form.Then u can save it in excel file and extract the data from there as per your needs.


Data scraping is not identifying each fields as uielements here.So when I use data scraping it shows an error.


Oh Yes…It works well with Acrobat Reader XI Pro


ok,but it dosent work with normal version of adobe reader.


i am trying to extract the coordinates of the given descripation. “Get Position” activity is returning the screen coordinates , therefore I cannot use those coordinates in the clipping region.
Can you help me with the extraction of the coordinates which can be directly passed to the clipping region.