Extracting invoice file to excel

I am working on extracting data from Invoice Pdf to Excel Kindly i used this expression for Extracting data Element (System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(txt,“(?<=From:).+”).ToString.Trim) Now i got issue in From and To Address in Invoice pdf while extracting data it was taking only the row wise (instead of address it was extracting Invoice number) but i need to extract whole the address . Kindly check the pdf i have attached file give below

Did we try with Screen scrapping method from design tab
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Sorry I didnt get, you can you elobarate the issue@Palaniyappan

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In design tab of studio we got an option called SCREEN SCRAPPING method with which we can scrape this table region and get them as a string output variable

Then this string variable variable can be passed as input to GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY and get the output with a variable of type datatable

And that datatable variable can be used for your validation

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Is it possible to for multiple format of invoices i.e:position of address vary from invoice to invoice, for example if we have 5 Invoice pdf files of same format and 5 are of different formats.@ Palaniyappan

Usually while automating the inputs must be set standard, else it would be complex

Extracting value are stored in argument not in string,so how to convert in to string


thats fine, with just .ToString along with the variable it will become a string value
now pass that as input to GENERATE DATATABLE activity
as mentioned

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