I need to extract all the details from invoices

I need to extract all the details from invoices pdf and line item description quantity and all the fields without using Document understanding. Is it possible using regex
@Anil_G @supermanPunch @Sudharsan_Ka

Here is text file
New Text.txt (1.6 KB)



use read text file activity

then use generate datatable activity to fetch all the data


Can you elaborate more


i tried but iam not extract all the fields using the generate datatable activity


These regex pattern works when we have same pattern in the fields

Please let me know if this meets your requirement

its good but how to extract product description which is in multiple lines

I need a small clarification description in first row is

Sensor diffrential pressure is the first item description & above of it its part no

Hi @pravin_bindage

Could you specify in bold what are the extraction outputs you need


use these two regex pattern to get the required and then join
I think it helps
please let me know if that works

I highlighted column header & values which i need with same colors


Can you explain more what are need to extract form this input

i need to extract item description & all other highlighted values

@Steven_McKeering can you help me?

Can you convert into text file and send then i will design a flow for you for sample


I already uploaded text file earlier in this post
New Text.txt (1.6 KB)