Extract Multiple Tables from a single Browser

I have a list of websites where i have to extract all of the tables that are on the browsers, yet some have numerous tables while others only have one. So far I was able to iterate through the links and the browswers that have only one table work perfectly but not the one that have multiple tables. Aso hopefully the tables that are all on one website can be archived in one csv file.

Every web application will have its differences, for the websites that have more than one table, do you know how many there are, or can this change anytime? are you using same selector for every table?

They are constant, and I am using a generic selector because i ommit the name of the columns of the tables since each website also has different types of tables with different sizes. This is the website: https://www.spensiones.cl/inf_estadistica/cartera/agregada//201911/cartera_agregada201911.html

but where are the pages with more than one table?

Its the tables 8 Fondo A/B/C… etc

ok, i assume your are using ExtractData activity? maybe consider getting the target by using a selector with only the tag TABLE and idx…

see example for this page https://www.spensiones.cl/apps/carteras/genera_xsl.php?fecpro=201911&listado=8&tipofondo=A: Main.xaml (9.1 KB)

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