Extract data from multiple tables on single webpage

I want to extract data from the tables …but i don’t want to use multiple extract Data Scraping activity …because I don’t know how many tables will be there…its dynamic

for eg: in this URL below

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Hi @Sparks811,

it seems like all are same template use find children activity to get all the table and you can append it after that.


can you please explain it in detail

Use find children activity to get all the tables.

Selector : <html title='International Indices -*' /> <webctrl id='intindices' tag='DIV' />

Filter : <webctrl idx='*' tag='TABLE' />

Loop it find children output.

Inside use data scrapping after scrapping store it into another table.



how we can use idx in selector …its showing invalid…
Can you upload an example

Hey @Sparks811

I just wanna know you do not want to deal with Headers before these separate tables?


Can you please send me the solution for this?


We can do by using FindChildren(as suggested above). This will give you collection of UiElements(check for filters).
Loop through the output of “Find Children” in for loop. Get Each UiElement and find the Idx of it.
run Data Scraping and make sure to change to dynamic selector for idx value.

Check this example DataScrapingChildren.zip (1.3 MB) . Each table values extracted are written to csv values for reference. Hope it helps.

@Sparks811 Did this help you?

Do you think you could help me with my code? I have a list of websites where i have to extract all of the tables that are on the website, yet some have numerous tables while others only have 1 and nothing has worked so far. Also hopefully the tables that are all on one website can be archived in one excel. So far I can make all the excels of the websites with one table but not with various. Thank you!

@ap.macarena.diaz, sorry for the delayed response… Try to pass me website link,. i will try to do this.,