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I am trying to data scrape a page but all the names are not scraped so I have to make 2 separate data scrape functions in order for my automation to get all the information that I want.
If anyone could help me with how to make it into a single data scrape, that would be very appreciated!
Here is the URL:


The first picture only scrapes the names with a marker next to them

The second picture only scrapes the names without a marker next to them

I would like to make it so one data scrape grabs everything.


Hi @Robert_Wennberg

Edit the ExtractMetadata of Extract Structured Data activity as below.

<column name=“Column1” attr=“text” exact=“1”>
<webctrl class=“local_contents” tag=“div” idx=“1” />
<webctrl class=“timeline” tag=“div” idx=“1” />
<webctrl class=“items_container” tag=“div” idx=“1” />
<webctrl class=“items” tag=“div” idx=“1” />
<webctrl class=“list_item” tag=“a” />
<webctrl class=“content” tag=“div” idx=“1” />
<webctrl tag=“div” idx=“2” />

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Thank you for your response!

I will edit it and see the result.
Could you please give me an explanation though on how you managed to solve the problem of getting all the text/fixing the selectors? I tried playing around with the selectors but could not find an easy way to grab all the names

I might have been unclear with what kind of result I wanted to have.
I would like to get both the name and the URL of each player extracted to an Excel workbook in columns 1 and 2 (just write range).
I am also getting an error from the lines you sent me.
Extract Structured Data ‘DIV contents’: ‘“’ is an unexpected token. The expected token is ‘"’ or ‘’’. Line 1, position 23.

I am attaching a dummy file here just in case you want to see what I want to accomplish.
dummy.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Hi @Robert_Wennberg

Refer to following sample.
Sample.xaml (7.9 KB)


Thank you! I will check it out

Sorry for the late reply but your solution works as intended, thank you so much!
May I ask how you solved the problem/managed to fix the selectors so they grab all the names rather than the ones with/without the markings?
It would help to know if another problem like that occurs in the future!

Hi @Robert_Wennberg

Fnd the common between their selectors,
You will see that they have the same parent and same tag idx, and idx is 2.

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