Extract multiple pages LinkedIn Jobs

Hi All,
I want to extract the jobs from LinkedIn.
Scenario: I’m searching python jobs in LinkedIn. It’s returning me multiple pages jobs. Now i want to extract the all the jobs till the end page. How can I do that. Here i don’t have any next page indication how to extract in this scenario.

Can anyone help me how can i achieve this

Hi @Learner007 ,

Can you please try to use data scarping for this?

Sandhiya P


  1. Open LinkedIn in a web browser using the “Open Browser” activity and perform your initial job search.
  2. Use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract the jobs from the current page. This will involve selecting the job listings and specifying the data fields you want to extract (e.g., job title, company, location).
  3. After extracting data from the first page, you can check if there is a “Next Page” button visible. If there isn’t, it means you’ve reached the last page of job listings.
  4. If there is a “Next Page” button, click it using the “Click” activity.
  5. Use a loop (e.g., a “While” or “Do While” activity) to repeat steps 2-4 until there is no “Next Page” button visible. You can use an element exists check to determine if the “Next Page” button is still present.
  6. Store the extracted data from each page in a DataTable or another data structure for later processing.
  7. Continue this loop until you reach the end of the job listings.
  8. Once you have extracted all the data, you can save it or process it as needed.

Remember to set a proper timeout and error handling mechanisms in case the web page load times vary. Also, be respectful of LinkedIn’s terms of use, as web scraping might be against their policies.


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Hi @sai_gupta I’m unable to find the next page button here. If it’s available it will be easy but here it is not available.

Hi @Learner007 ,

Maybe you could induce the logic in a While Loop where if the Next Button Number element is present, then Perform the Extraction else, exit the while Loop.

Thanks for your responses. I found another solution to solve this. After performing search in top we get results count and every page have 25 records so I’m dividing results/25 and based on that count I’m changing the page number.


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